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1.Web Application introduction.

>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WebApplication is a collection of web resources like HTML files, JavaScript files, image files Servlets, jsps and etc.

In order to make resources of a application as globally accessible resources developed as web resources of web-application each web-resource develops one webpage and this webpage is globally accessible page.
The web-application that is moved to internet network after development is called Website.

A web application contains two types of web-resources. 

**    Server side Web-resource    
                                                      **    Client side Web-resource
    A web resource that comes to browser(client) from web application placed in web-server/application server for execution is called client side web resource.

    EX:  HTML,JavaScript programs.

    The web-resource program that executed in the server(web-server/application server)is called server-side web-resource program.

    EX : Servlet,JSP
    • Don't decide weather web-server program is server-side or client side based on the place where it resides and decide based on the place where it executes.

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